We offer all types of engines. From the road engine to the race engine, every engine we are building are meticulously put together in-house and every parts will be chosen based on your requirements. We can also offer you that your engine goes on the dyno for running-in and final tuning before delivering it to you.


Every race engine is subject to strong strain (temperature, engine rpm, etc.). To keep it at the peak of their performance, we offer a complete rebuild. With our renown experience, we will be able to evaluate the parts which need a check-up or to be changed based on your budget and keeping in mind your race or rallye calendar.


You own an engine and you would like to get it more reliable, more powerful or just know which kind of preparation you have. You can send it to us for a complete disassembly and an evaluation. We will be able to tell you all the changes you need to make and give you a budget for your project in order to get it rebuild.


When we are talking about MINI engines, we forget most of the time the gearbox, but as we all know it’s attached to the engine. We can rebuild your gearbox or built a brand-new dog gearbox for your race engine.