Old mechanic lover, Dimitri Cornet fell in love with MINI when he was only 16 years old, his parents bought him one to get it restored. After Mechanics studies and a specific training in restoration and preparation of racing historic cars, Dimitri left France to go to work for Swiftune Engineering Ltd, the leader of A Series race engine builder, in the UK for 8 years.

The experience earned from Nick Swift is making him of one the best Race Engine Builder on the automotive market, and also the only one in France to give all the best advices you can get about the Swiftune range of products. By participating to Goodwook Revival, six hours of Spa Classic, Mini Seven, Mini Miglia and Master Series, he has also improved his skills as a track support.

When he came back in France, Dimitri decided to improve and grow his skills by working on moderns racing cars at the highest level. He had the opportunity to work as track support engineer for LMP1, therefore he participated at the most famous race in the world: 24h Le Mans. Later on, he worked also as Project Manager for WRC and LMP3 engines.

All these experiences he gathered over the years, give him today all the skills required to work on moderns or historic cars. He can this way, offer you his services on track if you need to (mechanics, data analysis or driving advise). 


DIMSPEED has been established in 2020 by Dimitri Cornet in order to offer historic race engine building. Our goal is to give to our customers reliability and results for their racing cars. The watchword is: attention to the details! They aim for the perfection of each preparation, from the machining to the final assembly, each step is really important. Their goal: to get you to the podium! 

Si vous souhaitez un moteur de compétition fiable et performant, il saura vous conseiller et vous aider. De course ou de route, vos petits bijoux seront entre de bonnes mains en faisant appel à DIMSPEED.