Lightweight Omega Piston and H Beam Steel Con-Rod Set

The feather light forged pistons and H-Beam steel conrods are now available as a discounted and beautifully matched set.

These super light forged piston sets have been designed and produced by Omega Pistons representing the lightest Mini race pistons they have produced, for maximum performance along with strength and rigidity in mind.

Swiftune developed steel “H” beam 6 inch long conrod set with 18mm L/E bush for race engines. New upgraded design making them lighter without sacrificing any strength and with a 100 percent reliability record, the quality speaks for itself. Made from the highest quality forgings, shot peened and balanced end for end for ultimate smoothness.

This set includes:

  • x 4 pistons (available in +20/40/60 with 1.250" compression height.)
  • x 4 +18mm gudgeon pin
  • x 1 lightweight ring pack
  • x 4 steel “H” beam 6 inch long conrods
  • x 8 ARP 2000 conrod bolts

2.161,00  VAT included